You reap what you sow, as they say, and at Willowglen Garden Centre we take that literally, offering only the best in British Approved seeds - from veggies and salad varieties to herbs, wild and garden flower mixes and specialist varieties that will appeal to the expert grower looking to grow their garden from scratch.  

We like to imagine that it is a sight to behold as you tour our long wall of colourful brands from a range of leading and lesser known top quality suppliers that will hopefully see your gardens brimming with colour and flavour. If you are overwhelmed by the choice – it's been known! – then come and ask one of our friendly staff for advice. Together we can plan a garden to remember that will outwit the Hebridean weather.


Bulbs and roots do really well up here in the Hebrides, offering excellent displays of colour as well as something for the table.

Each autumn we select the best of local? And mainland seed potatoes, onion sets and flower bulbs so that you can plan ahead for next year, ensuring a fine display to brighten up spring days.


Whether you make your own compost or not it's good to buy in a batch to get you started each spring and we always have a supply of leading brand compost to choose from – it's just by the front door, and there’s more just by the seeds because, for seed growers, proper soil can be make or break. While you’re at it you can choose from a big selection of seed trays and everyday pots for your young plants, that, with care, should last you year after year.


Years of experience and a passion for plants have made us experts in our field and our impressive range of plants for all the seasons is guaranteed to provide something for every shape, size and style of garden. Here at Willowglen Garden Centre we know only too well the highs and lows of gardening in a northern maritime climate and the selection of plants on offer – from alpines to bedding varieties, hardy perennials and herbs to larger shrubs, climbers, soft fruit bushes and trees - is tried and tested over our 20-year legacy as the Outer Hebrides’ leading plant supplier.

Grab a basket or trolley head out into our new “Canopy” area, a light and airy annexe to the main shop where our range of plants begins.

Head on from here to the large courtyard behind where you will find our impressive range of plants.


Pick the Pot we fill it while you wait.