Passion for our work:

Richard Robinson says: “The feedback we get is always positive, and we are very fortunate to have very good suppliers. We are pretty much the same price as the mainland too, and people always comment on that.

“We have had a very loyal customer base over the past 20 years…and it is nice to see new ones coming through all the time.”

“We deliver flowers right throughout the islands, all the way down to Harris, Uist and Barra…via the post. We don’t deliver to the mainland. We have got a really good reputation as a florist, which you would expect, as we have been in the business for 19 years.

“Flowers and gardening has always been my passion. It’s all I’ve known from since I could walk. There’s nothing better than when you get the plants in. My favourite part of the job is the plants. When I get a delivery of plants, and they come off the lorry, and they are all fresh, they are all nice, they are all in colour. There is no better feeling in the world. It’s fantastic."