Pets corner

You might not see it right away, but you will definitely hear it…Pets Corner is a jolly side-room off the seed aisle and our “opinionated” in-house cockatoo Reggie always has a hearty welcome…Whether you are just browsing, or looking to buy, you’ll enjoy our Pets Corner and its well cared for menagerie of cuddly kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies to tropical and cold-water aquariums and terrapins. There are chickens too – you’ll find them clucking around in the rear courtyard, right at the back.

It's really important to us that our pets are happy, and find happy homes, so all buyers are thoroughly checked out before they can take a pet away. So please, think hard before buying an animal and make sure you really are ready.

Richard Robinson says: “We sell some pets… as part of the service because we sell feed. It’s nice for kids to come in and look around and they enjoy talking to the birds.

"We’ve just done a 20th anniversary raffle that raised £2,000 for the Men’s Cancer Group. All the money we get for animals that we re-home goes to the Men’s Cancer group, too. That raised £420 in the tin in a recent month, too.

"Basically if a pet owner can’t find a home for their animal, they bring them in to us and we re-home them as best we can. Not dogs, but kittens, rabbits, goldfish, for instance. We’ve been doing that since we started selling the pets.“